Roy Wooten

Inspirational Keynote Addresses

- Roy has spoken on platforms with audiences in the thousands.  His humorous and meaningful speeches inspire action in audiences to know themselves better, believe in what is best about them and become all God built them to be.  

Your Best You    Every One   Compassion   Networking That Works      Wrestling With God     Love After All     Success Hacks 

Effective Professional Training and Development  

- Roy has trained professionals in Fortune 500 companies, mid and small corporations, chambers, nonprofits and churches.  He has worked with multi site and multi year contracts to brief half day to full day trainings.  
Courageous Conversations                  Building Trust for Effective Teams                        How To Get Along With Almost Anyone

          Healthy Relationships for Successful Outcomes                     Uncovering Your Strengths for Maximum Productivity  

SUPERvision             Intentionality In The Workplace            Helping Others Find Success                Effective Program Development

​Life Together Forever Couples Workshops & Weekends 

- Roy has been the speaker at over 150 couples weekends and helped facilitate tens of thousands of couples reconnections and recommitments.  He and his wife Devra are the authors of "The Secret to Lifetime Love", "Life Together Forever Couples Curriculum", "Life Together Forever Small Group Curriculum", and numerous articles and resources available on their blog.  They have trained hundreds of counselors and pastors to use their curriculum to help couples have healthy relationships.  They have worked with couples in retreat centers, hotels, training auditoriums, churches and their offices in Houston.  

Doing Life Together Forever      Creating a Lifelong Marriage      Speaking and Hearing Truth    Forgiveness and Reconciliation  Stress-Less Living   Healthy Expectations    Courageous Conversations     Sex, Love and Romance     Relationships God's Way

Fathers and Men's Issues  


Roy is passionate about helping men live with integrity and power.  He leads mens workshops, groups, classes and retreats to help men move through their barriers to be all God has called them to be in their homes, workplace, churches and communities.  He has worked with tens of thousands of fathers facilitating father-child experiential events in schools, community centers, churches and conference centers.  He is the author of "Full Throttle Into Fatherhood", a program  He trains churches, pregnancy centers, schools and social service agencies to work more competently with fathers.

​     Connecting Mens Heads and Hearts           The Father Factor           Connecting Fathers          Full Throttle Into Fatherhood  

Wrestling With God                Fighting Well                Turning Passion On Again                  Truly Living                     Integrity First     

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